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Since our inception in 1946, Process Equipment Company (PECo) has prided itself on its innovative machines, systems, products, and services - all designed to meet the unique needs of the markets and customers we serve.


ND300 Gear Measurement
Designed to maximize accuracy, increase uptime & minimize support-related challenges, PECo's CNC analytical gear measurement systems are the easiest to use and most reliable gear inspection machines in the industry.
Metrology Services Metrology Services
From Contract Inspection to Gage Certification, PECo's team of experienced technicians have the tools you need to get the job done.
Functional Gages Functional Gages
PECo offers a wide variety of functional and bench top gages to meet your gear and spline inspection needs.
Inspection Training Inspection Training
PECo offers a comprehensive on-line help system included in the software, on-site gear metrology consultation and web-based gear inspection training.


CNC Analytical Gear Measurement System

CNC Analytical Gear Measurement


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